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30 July 2014

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Award winning Tecnam P Twenty Ten achieves EASA certification

Today Tecnam is delighted to announce the certification approval by EASA (No. EASA A.576) for the Tecnam P Twenty Ten and the commencement of deliveries to customers throughout Europe.

The Tecnam P Twenty Ten the first new single engine, high wing, four-seat, CS 23 certified aircraft in many decades.

The achievement of EASA cS 23 Certification was the result of extensive investment and dedicated effort of all members of the Tecnam organization.  The certification program included over 200 hours of test flights, more than 100 spin configurations, lightning tests on full scale assemblies and many other technological achievements.

Tecnam is one of only two OEM’s that are capable to produce GA aircraft incorporating both metal and composite components combining a prepeg carbon fiber fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator/rudder, has allowed Tecnam to optimize aerodynamic quality and reliability that can meet the challenge of ensuring all of EASA’s stringent certification tests are met.

The Tecnam P Twenty Ten is the most advanced high wing modern single engine aircraft in the marketplace. The Tecnam P Twenty Ten incorporates an expansive cabin featuring ergonomic forward and rear seats with exceptional legroom, and a large separate third entry door.

The wide composite cabin allows for a large instrument panel with three avionics options; analogue IFR, a Garmin G500 IFR or twin-screen Garmin G1000 IFR with integrated GFC700 autopilot.

Professor Luigi Pascale, Tecnam’s Head of Design and co-founder in 1948, along with his brother Giovanni, said “Finally, today we are happy to have completed all the extensive certification tests with EASA.”

The P Twenty Ten has been extensively flight tested and validated by many independent GA pilots.

Peter Collins, Test Pilot from Flightglobal said “The P2010 impressed me from the outset. It looks, feels and flies like a modern aircraft and does represent a step change in this type of four-seat GA aircraft design. I believe the Tecnam P2010 significantly exceeds the “flyability”, “useability” and “survivability” of the Cessna Skyhawks and Skylanes and equals them on affordability.

The P2010 was genuinely a real pleasure to fly and future owners will be inspired by the aircraft’s combination of advanced avionics, very short field performance, exceptional useful load capability and excellent cross-country range. If I could trade my own Piper Arrow IV Turbo, the P2010 is the aircraft I would buy”.

Deliveries in the Czech Republic, France, Poland, UK and Spain will commence immediately.

Tecnam prides itself on supplying its customers the largest choice of GA aircraft, by offering the most complete range of aircraft models.

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For more information on the extensive range of Tecnam general aviation airplanes including the Tecnam P Twenty Ten, please contact Walter Da Costa, Tecnam Sales and Marketing, tel +34 616 481143, w.dacosta@tecnamspain.es

About TECNAM “Quality Aircraft since 1948”

TECNAM traces its roots back to the activities of the Italian brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, who developed and produced innovative aircraft soon after the end of WWII (1948) and have continued ever since to create original models that gained worldwide recognition under the name Partenavia. Established in March 1986, Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM now operates in three production facilities. The Casoria facility is located adjacent to Naples Capodichino Airport. The Capua facility is located adjacent to the “Oreste Salomone” Airport. Recently a new facility was established in Sebring, Florida, USA to serve and support the needs of Tecnam North American based owners and operators,

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News Release

25 November 2014

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Switzerland’s FGZO chooses the Tecnam P2008JC

On November 12nd, 2014 the membership of Zurich, Switzerland based Aeroclub Fluggruppe Zürcher Oberland (FGZO) selected the Tecnam P2008JC to be the next trainer of choice for their extensive training fleet.

The decision, voted by all 123 members, came out after a very detailed aircraft comparison presentation by Bruno Wettstein, President of FGZO and Philip Reich, Training Fleet Captain.

The FGZO membership were extremely impressed with the P2008JC’s low noise signature, its comfort, ease of use and its unbeatable operating costs.

Walter Da Costa, Tecnam’s Head of Sales and Marketing said, “We were delighted to be invited to participate in FGZO’s rigorous selection process and especially as following an intensive evaluation, that we were selected above a number of other competitors. FGZO not only valued the overall benefits the P2008JC  will bring to their fleet but particularly appreciated the on-going services and support that Tecnam have firmly established a great reputation for”.

The Tecnam P2008JC is a single engine, high wing, two-seater training aircraft built in Italy.  It has a carbon-fibre fuselage, metal wings and stabilator and a fixed tricycle undercarriage. It is powered by a Rotax 912 piston engine, utilising both Mogas and Avgas and ensuring exceptional low fuel consumption. FZGO has opted for full electronic flight display screens, with night capability providing conventional standby instruments.

With many Tecnam P2008’s already in service worldwide, including 15 aircraft operating with Aero-Club Air France, the fully EASA certified Tecnam P2008’s versatility and ease of use has established it as both the aircraft of choice for Flight Training Organisations as well as recreational flyers.

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